Looking forward to...

1. Summer Sundae Weekend, 13-15 August, Leicester. For The Futureheads, Mumford & Sons, Los Campesinos!, The Besnard Lakes and many many others. Pictures coming soon, of course.

I'm just sad that because of some personal issues, I can only go on Sunday. Boo. Oh, well, life.

2. UnkleJeb Events' first project, the Doll and The Kicks gig that will take place in Bucharest, in Control Club, on Saturday, the 6th of November. It's a long time from now, I know, but when you're on such a bumpy ride, you really feel like sharing every small victory.

So, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, be there, in Control Club, on the 6th of November. And let us know on Facebook that you're coming.

If not, be our friend or our follower! We could use the moral support :))


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