Godiva Unsigned Competition Heat 3 @The Flapper

More about this here.

Enough to say that, except for City Hero - who play something that vaguely resembles Nickelback, and I deeply dislike that American Spiderman-soundtrack kind of rock (I'm sure they didn't mean it, it just came out that way), and The Amateurs - that I've seen before and are not really my cup of tea - I loved all the bands that played:

- Circus Town - a straightforward garage rock band, with bluesy influences, loads of energy and pumping bass lines;
- OST, who call themselves emotronic/trance/psychedelic but are nothing like that, their songs remind me of some oldies from Bloc Party, I Still Remember or Kreutzberg;
- and last, but not least, the cheery ska crowd (literally, they were 9 or 10 on the stage) of Tempting Rosie.

Here they are, in all their rock n'roll glory:

IMG_0016 (Large)

IMG_0206 (Large)

IMG_0127 (Large)

IMG_0083 (Large)

IMG_0061 (Large)

IMG_0252 (Large)

IMG_0232 (Large)

And no, going to a gig at 1 pm on a Sunday is not odd at all. In fact, I liked that between bands I could go out on the terrace and stare at the sun. And eat some junk food. And have a beer. Staring at the sun is really unhealthy, don't you think?


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