The Lights, The Amateurs and Doll & The Kicks @ The Hare and Hounds

So last Thursday I decided to catch this gig at the the Hare and Hounds. I even gave up the NME Awards concert for it. 5 hours, 3 buses and a taxi later, after a long walk from Moseley to King's Heath, here are my conclusions:

1. The Lights is possibly the cheesiest band I've heard in a looooong time. Their music is, by definition, chick flick music. But don't get me wrong - I'm not talking Sleepless in Seattle or The Notebook. I'm talking Grey's Anatomy. And for all you fans out there - this is not a compliment.

2. If you have fun on the stage and play something honest and straightforward, people will love you, even if your music doesn't quite reinvent the wheel. The Amateurs proved it.

3. Doll & The Kicks are totally amazing! Hannah Scanlon has the voice and the personality of a crazy diva and kept me glued to the stage.

All in all, it was worth going all the way to King's Heath for this gig, though I'm still sorry I didn't get to see The Big Pink and all the other bands at O2 Academy. Which reminds me of the fourth conclusion:

4. Living in Perry Barr is about as exciting as helping an old lady cross the street.

Full review on Spaghetti Junction's blog.

And of course, the pics:

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