Lolyta is a Romanian girl that I met by accident - she works at the coffee shop at Birmingham Science Park, where I'm also based. Here are the results of this random encounter:

IMG_0096 (Large)  IMG_0078 (Large)

  IMG_0154 (Large)

 IMG_0145 (Large)

IMG_0139 (Large)  IMG_0117 (Large)

IMG_0130 (Large)

I have to say, I absolutely fell in love with the hat. From the moment I saw it, I just had to wear it. Take it out for a drink. Marry it and end up with a bunch of tiny hats just like that one roaming free all over my closet. Fortunately for the hat, all I got was this:

  IMG_0107 (Large)

Thanks for the shot, Rose!


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