Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Bad for Lazarus & Black Fangs @ Hare and Hounds

Frozen pizza: £2.
Canon 550D: £600*
The sound of a crazy lead singer landing in front of the stage, a few inches away from my head, after a team-Edward-the-shiny-vampire-jump: priceless.

Full review here.

I'm in a black & white phase, but I also took some color photos that you can find here.

IMG_0551 (Large)  IMG_0397 (Large)

  IMG_0349 (Large)  IMG_0259 (Large)

  IMG_0243 (Large)

  IMG_0218 (Large)

*My birthday is on the 22nd of June. Oh wait. That's three weeks from now. What a cosmic coincidence.


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