Rase, Sweet Sweet Lies, This Love Affair @ Hare and Hounds

If This Love Affair would really be a love affair, it would be one between two people who don’t have much to lose or gain. It wouldn’t be mysterious and thrilling; the kind of affair that you have to consume like it’s your last day on Earth. This Love Affair are simply too nice for that. They’re like a post Michael Hutchens INXS. Gavin Monaghan, their producer, has definitely taken them into one of his favourite directions, the kind that pulled Kings of Leon out of Molly’s Chambers and into the chicken eating madness of Sex on Fire.

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Sweet Sweet Lies, on the other hand, mixing rock, folk, bluegrass and a little bit of drama in the shape of a trumpet, then serving it all suited up, were anything but nice. Condescending and ironic, eccentric, old fashioned and romantic – they were all that, singing about their Overrated Girlfriend and sounding like the love child of Eureka Machines and Nick Cave.

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Also produced by Gavin Monaghan and often seen on the stages of Birmingham, Rase are a bit more energetic than This Love Affair and not as melodic, but just as straightforward mainstream, resembling a late 90s indie band, the kind that’s safe to listen to when you’re grandma is around. However, Dan Greenway’s performance is powerful and his voice goes great with the rugged guitar riffs, the songs are memorable and they’ve got an optimistic vibe without becoming one of those inspirational bands whose songs end up on Hallmark movies soundtracks.

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Some more pictures with Rase from Spaghetti Junction Sessions #3

I guess I'm starting to get used to the long trip from Perry Barr to the Hare and Hounds. And to the drunks that hang out in front of the Goose, that pub right next to the bus station in King's Heath. I think it's safe to say that when they're crawling and throwing up, they're pretty much harmless. Right?


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