Kids. Final frontier

I don't like them. They intimidate me. I think I'd act more relaxed being stuck in a elevator with the Queen than in front of a bunch of cute midgets sucking on their thumbs.

So, you see, photographing kids was always out of the question for me. And, yet, I don't know why, maybe it was all those cute Easter bunnies, chicks & eggs, but when I was home, visiting Romania, I decided that it's time to face my fears.

So I loaded myself with ammunition (my camera and some early drinks) and... here's what came out.

This is Ion:

IMG_0005 (Large)

IMG_0040 (Large)

IMG_0023 (Large)

IMG_0065 (Large)

IMG_0074 (Large)

IMG_0077 (Large)

IMG_0081 (Large)

IMG_0117 (Large)

IMG_0155 (Large)

IMG_0174 (Large)

IMG_0175 (Large)

IMG_0170 (Large)

IMG_0178 (Large)

IMG_0187 (Large)

And here's his big sister, Anca, a little more reserved:

IMG_0048 (Large)

IMG_0116 (Large)

IMG_0164 (Large)

IMG_0198 (Large)

And here are both kids, playing:

IMG_0132 (Large)

IMG_0110 (Large)

IMG_0084 (Large)

Ok, I admit. I loved it. The kids were great. They run a lot, but they don't pose and most of the time they ignored me (when they weren't staring at me a little frightened - but you know what they say, don't be afraid of the spider, the spider's also afraid of you).

Also, I have to mention that I couldn't have done it without my mom, who handled the entertainment of our short-legged guests. So, as a piece of advice for all of you out there who decide to take a shot at photographing children: have someone around who actually loves being around them and who will play with them. Otherwise, they freeze and stick their thumbs in their mouths. And there goes your photo shoot.


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