Monday, April 19, 2010

Egg, lambs and candles

... somewhere in the Romanian countryside, where lamb chops don't grow in the supermarket and on Easter Night people go to mass and light a candle for their departed loved ones.

Yes, I am the kind of weirdo who brings a tripod to the graveyard. And yes, lambs are cute and fluffy, but I bet you don't really think about that when you're eating them with asparagus or eggplant lasagna.

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In spring, the villagers send their sheep in the mountains, where shepherds take care of them all through the summer; sometimes, they keep the lambs at home

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On Easter, one of the lambs needs to be sacrificed; this is a very old tradition that symbolizes - in eastern orthodox belief - the sacrifice of Jesus for humanity

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In the city, people are buying lamb and mutton from the supermarket; in the villages, where people raise sheep, they perform the sacrifice themselves 

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Easter Day is a time of rest 

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Animals around the house
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Animals around the house
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Animals around the house

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This is the so-called "summer kitchen", a place where, among others, meat is smoked on a log fire; people prepare and eat food here both in summer, when it's cooler than in the regular kitchen, and in winter, when a wood burner turns the place into an oasis on warmth

IMG_0089 (Large)
Lamb pastrami and painted eggs in the summer kitchen

IMG_0086 (Large)
The wood burner in the summer kitchen

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On Easter Night, at midnight, people gather outside, in the church courtyard, to receive "the light of Jesus' revival from the dead" - the priest lights a candle from which (and from one another) people will light theirs

.IMG_0006 (Large)
On Easter Night, people light a candle for their departed loved ones 

Poza 117(4)

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The dog barking at the strangers that pass along the road

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Easter meal needs to have: painted eggs, lamb and wine

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After the Easter holiday has passed, it's the beginning of another week of work: feeding the animals, taking care of the house and of the family's land; my grandmother has been doing it on her own for years 

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  1. f frumoase pozele. am ras bine de tot la berea aia noroc :p
    mai esti prin tara sau ai sters/o deja :(

  2. m-am intors acum o saptamana. a fost o vacanta mult mult prea scurta - data viitoare zac pe plaja 3 saptamani.