Spaghetti Junction Sessions #2

The Myways and In House Band, at Bar 42. All glazed in a psychedelic magenta that was just about as hard to fix or remove as the dark rings from under my eyes after a night of heavy drinking.

Find out more about the next sessions on Spaghetti Junction's FB fanpage or on the Sessions' group.

Full review on Spaghetti Junction's blog.

Picture 250

Picture 233

Picture 231

Picture 215

Picture 175

Picture 055

Picture 535

Picture 410


  1. f frumoase pozele ... hate that i can t do those kind of picture and i didn t persue the instinct of having a camera when i could buy one.

  2. never say never. it took me six months to get from pretty sunsets to shooting a whitesnake concert. and i had barely laid my fingers on a camera before.


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