The Arcadian Kicks @ Sound Bar

As I have a great nose for nice venues and good music (which reminds me of how much I miss those gloomy, underground Bucharest clubs), after my first week in Birmingham I got to see The Arcadian Kicks at Sound Bar. The audience wasn't as enthusiastic as I would have expected, but the music was great and at least there were no mosh-pits threatening my brand new lens (Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM).

So, in spite of poor lighting (I think most club owners should really understand the importance of investing a little more on a decent set of lights), the two Arcadian girls loved my camera. Shooting in front of the big stage is usually more exciting than small venue gigs, but sometimes I prefer the latter. There's nothing more relaxing than taking your time, watching the band, thinking, and then shooting.

More about them here and here. And at the bottom of the page you can also watch one of their videos. It's one of the songs I liked best, so give it a try.

Picture 276

Picture 282

Picture 212

Picture 262

Picture 144


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